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- About Shane Flox & ADVARIA -

“It is only as an aesthetic phenomenon that existence, and the world, are eternally justified.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

I build beautiful, modern, performant user experiences. Full cycle research, scope building, strategy, design and build out. Yes, ALL the buzzwords!

With experience ranging all through the modern business cycle, from C-level to street level - from branding to tech - from identity to iPhone.

But seriously,

I just like to build cool things, to work with smart and driven people, and to see my designs in action.

What do you want?

- Services -

Analyze • Commit • Design • Revise

Always remember: a brand is the most valuable piece of real estate in the world; a corner of someone's mind.

John Hegarty
A brand was once a kind of fiction - a series of images, statements, and sounds that lived in print, radio and t.v. Seems quaint these days. Now a company simply IS THE BRAND - and it's all too real. Thousands of platforms, dozens of mediums. Everything from memes to apps to full video productions to micro sites to social media presences to corporate culture... Everyone has access to everything. Now 'branding' has become about designing a whole experience rather than just a message.
Anything is possible: Using big data, having a cutting edge web presence, being mobile first, designing a competitive identity, and responding quickly to customer feedback. I just see a big playground!

Render • Document

I could make 7 noblemen from 7 peasants, if it pleased me, but I could NOT make one Holbein from 7 noblemen.

King Henry VIII
I think of illustration as 'documenting the brand in ideal circumstances'. What could be. What will be. Visualizing and sharing it. Making it so.
Even the most plain stock image can be given life. Even the most fantastical notion can be made tangible. Even the most abstract data can be explained in seconds. A whole universe invented, or a single vignette posted - images have power.

Ideas in form

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.

Scott Adams
Good design is aware of the latest trends but unique to vision at the same time.
I start with the core principals of your business, build designs for your website, and every format before and beyond. Extending your identity through the sales funnel into the customers' very subconscious... Or at very least into any format with pixel dimensions.

Truly a modern renaissance.

I get very uncomfortable when someone makes a design decision without customer contact.

Dan Ritzenthaler
UX brings together the lessons of every project a designer has ever had. It allows one to empathize with the product user, and is a reason to have an endless conversation with them. UX leverages aesthetic experiments with strategic planning initiatives. It forces marketing hunches to bow to user feedback. Gives customers what they want while educating them on what is possible. Balances the artistry of the graphic designer with the deliberateness of an engineer. It's age-old aesthetic truths playing with the latest gadgets. Designing with numbers and gauging the emotional impact of algorithms. Both the right and left brain. UX is where it all comes together!

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